Carlo Giocoli @ FST UniFe


I’m currently Post-Doc at the Department of Physics and Earth Science of the University of Ferrara; I am also affiliated to the OAS-Bologna/INAF.

In this site you can find info about my research interests, hobby, music and photography, I hope you will enjoy it!

I have been:
– Post-Doc at the Department of Physics and Astronomy – ALMA Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna, within the SIMCODE Group;
– Post-Doc at LAM – Marseille with a CNES grant;
– Post-Doc at DIFA – Alma Mater Studiorum UniBO within the GLENCO group PI: dr. Robert B. Metcalf;
– Post-Doc at INAF/OaBO with an Euclid grant working with dr. Massimo Meneghetti;
– Post-Doc at ITA – University of Heidelberg, Marie-Curie fellow, within prof. dr. Matthias Bartelmann Group;
– visiting Scholar during my PhD at UPENN, Philadelphia working for prof. dr. R. K. Sheth;
– PhD Student at DFA – UniPD under the supervision of prof. dr. Giuseppe Tormen.

BoLensFactoryBologna Lens Factory.

Big MultiDark LensesBig MultiDark Lens Project.

DUSTGRAIN-pathfinder LensesDUSTGRAIN-pathfinder Lens Project.

These are the words mainly present within my abstracts:

Dipartment of Physics and Astronomy
ALMA MATER STUDIORUM, University of Bologna
via Gobetti 93/2, 40129, Bologna, Italia
Skype: cgiocoli